Root Canal (Endodontic Therapy)

Relieve Your Tooth Pain and Save Your Smile

What is a root canal?

A root canal (Endodontic Therapy) is a common dental treatment used to preserve your natural tooth by replacing infected material at the center of your tooth when the root becomes infected. This can prevent the need for dental implants or bridges later on. At the center of your tooth is a soft tissue called pulp. Infection of the pulp can be caused by trauma to the tooth, a deep decay, cracks, and chips, or repeated dental procedures.  During a root canal, the infected pulp is removed, the tooth is cleaned out, then re-filled with a permanent material to seal the tooth from future infection.  Afterwards, the tooth is usually capped with a crown to seal it. The root canal then is able to function as any other natural tooth would.  However, untreated infections can lead to further issues, including irreversible damage to the pulp.

What are root canal symptoms?

When the root of a tooth is infected, there is swelling and inflammation inside the tooth, which leads to constant and severe tooth pain.  Symptoms of infection can be pressure, throbbing, swelling around the tooth, sensitivity to temperature and touch, or pain in the tooth and gums. Depending on severity, discomfort may pass in a few minutes, last for hours, or wake you from sleep. Swelling may also spread to face or neck.  You should begin an antibiotic at the onset of symptoms requiring a root canal.

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